By Purchasing Any Digital Product, You Agree To The Following Terms:
+ All designs are exclusively owned by Daisy Creative Studio. You may not share any part of any deliverable from your purchase with anyone else. You may not recreate, re-sell, or in any way claim the designs of your own. 

+ These templates are not associated or affiliated with Showit

+ Demo sites may use a paid font for demonstration purposes. Paid fonts will NOT be distributed with your template. Instead, your template will come with a free font and trainings on how to go purchase a license to the custom font and install it into the template. It is your responsibility to ensure you are obtaining the proper licenses to continue to use anything on the site. 

+ The credit at the bottom of your template (Website Template by Daisy Creative Studio) must stay in place at all times of using the template, and must always have an active link to my website. If another designer customizes your template for you you may update it and add "Customized by xx". Template credit must remain. 

+ All templates use stock images. Purchase of this template gives you permission to keep those images in your website as is. These images will not be delivered separately, nor will they populate in buyer's media library, they will just be part of the template. You cannot extract these images outside of your website in any way, use them on any other platform in any other way, or share them with anyone. 

+ There are NO refunds, returns or exchanges due to the digital nature of these products. Please read through these policies and the terms of use thoroughly. Also look into Showit to ensure it is the right platform for you, and view the demo site carefully to ensure it's what you want. Please email me with any concerns prior to purchase. 

+ Purchase of this product does NOT include ongoing costs associated with maintaining your website such as domain, e-mail marketing, font or image licenses, any integrations such as Shopify, ThriveCart, etc. Purchase soley includes the template and training videos. 

+Your website will be hosted by Showit, and I am not responsible for the backup, storage, and services provided by them. Please review their terms of service here: I cannot guarantee my templates or course instructions will function exactly as demonstrated with new updates within Showit or web browsers. 

+ Your training videos and copy guide will be provided through a link to a Notion Portal. I am not responsible for providing any hosting, storage, maintenance, or backups through Notion or any other services. I cannot guarantee the links will work in cases of Notion updates or browser changes, but will always do my best to keep access to your trainings available 

+ Use of these templates require a Showit subscription, desktop computer access, and Google Chrome. No refunds will be given in cases of lack of equipment or necessary tools, so be sure to prepare before purchasing template. 

+ I reserve the right at any time to modify my template or course pricing on my website with or without notice. No discounts or refunds will be provided to match previous pricing you had seen before this change or if templates or courses go on sale after you had purchased.

+ Your site will be hosted by Showit. I am not responsible for nor will I provide any storage, backups, services, maintenance, etc relating to their platform. Please familiarize yourself with Showit and their terms of use. If any major changes occur on Showit that affect the templates, I cannot guarantee my templates will properly function as demonstrated at all times with any new Showit changes or browser changes. 

Please read the terms and conditions for more in-depth terms and agreements.


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